Payment methods

Payment methods

Cash on delivery

When the employee of the courier company Geniki Taxydromiki arrives at your place to deliver the parcel to you, you pay in cash the value of your order. Shipping is free for all orders shipped within Greece as long as they exceed € 50 and cash on delivery costs are € 1. For orders with a total amount of less than or equal to 50 € the shipping costs are 3,80 € and the cash on delivery costs 1 €.

For cash on delivery payments, the store reserves the right to request a deposit of 40% of the total amount for those orders that exceed € 200.

In case of inability to pay, please select the use of credit / debit card as the method of payment.
you pay in cash the value of your order.

Debit / Credit Card Payment

You can use your debit / credit card to make the payment with absolute security and confidentiality.

The card details are entered directly into the secure trading system of Piraeus Bank. Your credit card number and any other details of your card (CCV2, expiration date, etc.) are not kept in our databases for obvious security reasons. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard & Maestro.

The clearing is done automatically when the Debit / Credit Card is selected as the shipping method and your order starts to be executed immediately.

Payment via PayPal

Orders can be paid directly through the secure PayPal portal, at no extra charge. If you select the PayPal payment gateway, Myrtali Organics promotes the connection of customers to PayPal for payment and after successful payment returns to confirm the completion of the order.

PayPal is one of the most widely used and trusted means of online transactions in the world, and its electronic payment system is one of the most secure electronic systems in the world.

Payment by Bank Deposit

You can deposit the total amount of your order in one of the following bank accounts, stating the name and number of the order.

  • ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ: GR63 0172 4100 0054 1009 5396 129
    Account Holder:
    Kaskanakou Vasiliki
  • EUROBANK:GR36 0260 2700 0005 0020 1666 138
    Account Holder: Kaskanakou Vasiliki
  • ΣΥΝΕΤΑΙΡΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΗΠΕΙΡΟΥ: GR59 0750 0700 0030 7000 5481 200
    Account Holder: Kaskanakou Vasiliki

It is reminded that in order to successfully complete your order you must send us the proof of deposit (photo, screenshot, etc.) to  [email protected]. Alternatively your order will not proceed until the deposit amount appears in our account (from 1 to 3 working days).

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